1. Linda Jones says:

    Thank you for your instructions. This will help me to find or fix the problem if needed.

  2. Build time says:

    Will this drain the battery also

    1. Yes, faulty spark plugs wires may drain your battery.

  3. Sean Matthews says:

    I seem to be having this arcing issue on my vehicle,I could actually hear it happening. I then turned the lights off in the garage and opened the bonnet. I could see the spark on the 3rd spark plug wire .I have been experiencing lack of power and misfire.i will start by changing the leads then ignition coil.i really appreciate your help

    1. It’s good to hear that our guide helps you. Thank you

      1. Sorry to post a question on 1 of your replies but I couldn’t figure out how to post a question. I have an 08 t&c. I replaced plugs and wires a few months ago and ran great until recently. Started idling rough a little so I replaced the coil pack. It ran great for a few weeks then started misfiring and threw the p0304 code and its arcing on cylinder 4 under the boot. Any help would be appreciated.
        Thank you!

        1. Did you replace your boot? We added all the reasons that could be the issue. I would suggest you to go to a professional mechanic to dig down the main reason.

  4. I also replaced the #4 plug wire and its still arcing

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