1. Patrick Hill says:

    In the opening paragraphs, you mention that you prefer MolyGen because it has a higher viscosity that Leichtlauf. The very next thing you say is that MolyGen requires more applications because of its lower viscosity. I’m wanting to clarify which of those statements is true before I purchase an oil change kit. Please clarify for me.

  2. errol flyne says:

    my engine is over 150.000 km and was using 5w30, vw 504 00 spec. Now with excess oil consumption, liqui – moly fabric adviced me to change to vw 502 00 standart and use leichtlauf 5w40 oil. but reading your comparison, molygen seem to be more suitable for oil leakage. for my special case, which oil is to be preferred?

    1. Yes, Molygen is mostly suitable for leak detection. You can try this.

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