1. Azmi Baharom says:

    I been using mercon LV for my 1.6 Peugeot 206 over a year. Mine is 2003.
    Before the first change in 2020, automatic gear change is rough. I brought it last year.
    I found it smoother and quieter after using Mercon LV. But most of the Peugeot mechanics in Malaysia were surprised and discouraged me. They insist on using AL4 type by French brandnames.

    1. Though after using Mercon LV your Peugeot 206 is smoother and quieter, but you should follow what your professional mechanics said.

      1. Today I changed my filter on my 2003 e150. Stick said mercon v, didn’t notice until I refilled pan. I used Valvoline maxlife I was horrified when I read your article thinking I screwed things up. As it turns out, it really depends on who makes it. According to Valvolines website valvoline.com/about-us/faq/system-fluids-faq

        It IS comparable with Mercon V.

        It states

        Is MaxLife ATF OK to use in applications requiring Mercon-v fluid?

        It responded Yes. Maxlife atf can be used where mercon v fluid is recommended.
        By looking at the facts sheet they have on that site you can see that it is ok to use. I was so glad to find this out as I was going to pull the pan and drain the whole thing.

        It is also for mercon lv.

        It might be helpful if you indicated there are multi fluids like this Penzoil so people don’t think it’s down to one or the other like I did?

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